Companies That Offer Employee Assistance Programs

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Of the responding companies 66 percent reported offering one or more types of health promotion activities including health risk assessments smoking cessation. Make your time away from work more enjoyable. See a doctor by web, phone, or mobile app from your home and avoid waiting rooms and other risks. Alcohol and drug addiction exist at all levels of American society. Please try again later.

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In addition, human resources departments should set aside office hours for employees to come in and speak with the HR team about any questions they might have. Employee Assistance Program EAP VITAL WorkLife. Thrive was created to help small business handle the challenges their employees bring with them to work. Note that it is also one of the most underused benefits in organizations. It excludes those assets intended for sale.

To locate service providers in your area, use an internet search engine.

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These results were compared with reports of a different sample of supervisors who had not made a referral to the EAP, but who were asked about how they had handled an employee with some other type of behavioral problem.

If a member is notified of fraudulent activity, they can take immediate action by speaking with an ID Theft Restoration Specialist who guides them through the process of recovering their identity.

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We have strong relationships with a number of top EAP service providers and an entire team dedicated to identifying the best program for each of our clients. Does EAPA maintain statistics on EAP utilization? Any time of the day or night, weekends, and holidays, you will be able to reach an EAP professional. Human Resource Management: A Managerial Tool for Competitive Advantage. There are a plethora of labor laws and workplace rules and regulations. How can I give clients to my sales?

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European Union registered trademark of Aetna Inc. For more information about Aetna plans, refer to www. Someone is available to take your call any time of the day or night. Learn how to offer this benefit and encourage usage in your workplace.

Many EAPs have a designated account manager who oversees all aspects of implementation, and acts as a single point of contact for any problems or concerns. Constructive confrontation proceeds in steps. Aggregate so that companies money which one who use or schedule appointments will lead your options. Who can use the EAP?

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As EAPs have continued to evolve, some employers offer extended coverage that may include support with financial challenges, family issues, workplace violence, elder care and child care issues.

Accessing EAP services is easy and confidential. What Are Some Problems with Traditional EAPs? With health field must be able to the eap offer assistance program? Ultimately, your workforce will be healthier, happier and more productive.

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The robust Life Adviser app offers employees and dependents with immediate, online access to a variety of resources, tools, articles, and general information about the EAP services provided.

How to Drive Employee Retention.

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Spring works with employers to identify particular workforce needs and then matches them with the proper EAP vendor that will provide the best service for them. This one word speaks louder than you realize. Unfortunately, employee misuse of EAP services to avoid a disciplinary action is all too common. Once completed, upload the form here. Eat Healthy Plan Ahead.